Trains didn’t come to Bridgeside anymore… 

Zephyr Terminal shut down years ago… but there’s ghostly train whistles heading toward it at midnight and a strange light glowing from inside.

Justin Gill loves haunted history. Chloe Sanders is hooked on supernatural TV shows. Malik Bey knows every old monster movie. They have to investigate.

Together, the three sixth graders go to check out the Terminal…

The Z Team will have to be ready.

Adventure is about to arrive.


D.E. Daly can sometimes be found in her hometown of East Aurora, New York, a village full of haunted history and old railroad tracks. She studied writing in New Orleans and drifts back there once in a while for more of the city’s magic and music. She is always chasing her next story-  except the times when a story chases her…

Photograph by @alisonchilt